MyEG, BRX to launch Covid-19 breath test

by NUR HAZIQAH A MALEK / pic source: Twitter/Breathonix

MYEG Services Bhd has signed a memorandum of understanding with Breathonix Pte Ltd (BRX) on May 21 to introduce a rapid breath test system for Covid-19 screening in Malaysia.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, MyEG will apply for the requisite regulatory approvals and certifications to allow the commercialisation of the breath test.

“Upon completing the relevant approval process, MyEG will be appointed as BRX’s exclusive distribution partner to undertake the commercial sale and marketing of its technology and associated systems in Malaysia.

“In the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19, MyEG has leveraged its strengths and expertise as a leading digital and e-government services provider in the region to embark on a number of significant initiatives as part of a holistic solution aimed at helping in the fight against the pandemic,” it said in a statement yesterday.

MyEG said the test can be administered by any trained personnel and does not need to be specifically medically trained professionals.

“Users are only required to simply exhale normally into a disposable one-way valve mouthpiece connected to a breath sampler.

“The game-changing breathalyser test has underdone clinical trials in Singapore and Dubai from June 2020 to April 2021 and has received Provisional Authorisation from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority,” it said.

In addition, BRX is also working with Singapore’s Ministry of Health for deployment trials at Tuas Checkpoint, where incoming travellers will be screened alongside the current compulsory antigen rapid test.

The real-time breath test system was developed for the qualitative detection of volatile organic compounds unique to the virus in human breath specimens.

“Compared to the real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction which is costly and time-consuming, the breath test system is non-invasive, accurate and affordable while also generating results within a minute.

“It is particularly suitable for high traffic locations’ screening,” MyEG said.

The upcoming launch of the test would make it the latest addition to the growing range of Covid-19 related innovations.

Other innovations MyEG has brought into the country include the deep-throat saliva test kits, the MySafeTravel screening and quarantine arrangement system for travellers and the MySafeQ quarantine hotel accommodation programme for low-risk domestic Covid-19 patients.