Flood situation in Sarawak, Sabah improves


KUALA LUMPUR – The flood situation in Sarawak and Sabah is showing positive signs with no surge in the number of evacuees today and the flood water in the affected areas reported to be receding.

In SARAWAK, there are 128 evacuees, comprising five families at five relief centres (PPS) in Limbang district, which is in the northern part of the state, this morning, from 127 people yesterday.

According to the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee Secretariat, 22 of the evacuees are accommodated at the PPS at Dewan Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Menuang.

The other PPS are at Dewan Kampung Ukong, with 25 people from seven families, Dewan Buloh Baloi (28 people from seven families), Dewan Masyarakat Medamit (10 people from three families) and Dewan Kampung Bidang (43 people involving 14 families).

In SABAH, two PPS were closed last night, leaving only  5,236 flood victims, involving 1,450 families, yet to return home  as at 8 am today, from the total of 6,156 evacuees (1,633 families) yesterday.

According to the State Disaster Management Committee, the PPS at Dewan Mini Jinuin Jimin and Dewan Terbuka Kampung Saga in Tenom were closed after all the evacuees there returned home.

With the closure of the two PPP, the number of flood victims in Tenom has dropped to 4,633 people from 1,242 families at 34 PPS today, from 5,553 people yesterday, while the number of evacuees in Beaufort remained at 603 people at four PPS.

A total of 47 villages in Tenom and 75 villages in Beaufort were hit by flood since Thursday following continuous heavy rain.