Gaza’s war in numbers

by AFP

The war between Israel and armed Palestinian group Hamas has killed hundreds, displaced thousands from their homes and ravaged key infrastructure.

Here is a recap in numbers:


248 Palestinians, including 66 children, were killed in Israeli air strikes in the besieged coastal enclave since May 10, the health ministry says.

Two doctors were among those killed, including the head of internal medicine at Shifa hospital, the main hospital in the Gaza Strip.

More than 1,900 people, including 560 children, were wounded in that same period, according to the same source.

91,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, the UN humanitarian agency says.

1,447 homes — houses or flats — were hit, according to the Islamist Hamas group running the enclave.

205 residential blocks or homes were completely destroyed, Hamas says.

75 governmental and public facilities were damaged, it says.

14 kilometres (nine miles) of water pipes, 50 water wells and 17 kilometres of sewage pipes have been affected, Hamas says.

31 electrical substations and 79 kilometres of cables were affected and nine main lines cut off, it estimates.

454 cars or means of transport were destroyed or badly damaged, according to the same source.

Three mosques were completely destroyed, 40 mosques and one church damaged, according to Hamas.


12 were killed in Israel, including one Israeli child, one Arab Israeli teenager and her father, one Indian, and two Thai nationals, Israeli authorities say.

357 people have been wounded by rockets.

Of 4,070 rockets fired by Palestinian armed groups towards Israel, around 90 percent were intercepted by Israel’s air defence system, the military says.

2,061 claims were filed for homes hit by rockets and 1,367 more for cars in southern and central Israel, according to the Israel Tax Authority, which deals with compensations.

West Bank

25 Palestinians, including four under the age of 18, were killed by Israeli forces since May 10 in the occupied territory, Palestinian health authorities say.

The Israeli army says five of them had attempted to ram or stab Israeli forces at checkpoints.

Dayang Norazhar

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