No students to be denied education, says PM

by AZREEN HANI / pic by AFP

THE government pledges to ensure that no student in this country will be denied a proper education, including aboriginal and indigenous students, special needs students (MBK) and undocumented children.

Prime Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in a special Teacher’s Day speech yesterday that his administration will also focus on reducing the dropout rate and ensure that this group also gets education like other students.

He acknowledged that the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the country’s education system to changes, where it should no longer be confined within the classroom walls.

“The concept of good learning must be relevant at all times and in all places. In an environment of new norms, virtual delivery has begun to expand, especially among educators,” he said, adding that yesterday, digital learning platforms dominate learning methods in support of existing learning conducted in the classroom.

Since June 15, 2020, the PM said the Education Ministry (MoE) has introduced a new digital learning platform for teachers, educators and students, namely the “Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia” or DELIMa.

This platform is one of the opportunities for teachers to empower themselves in developing teaching and learning materials digitally.

Muhyiddin further said teachers are now taking steps to master various educational digital applications for online instructions (teaching and learning, or PdP) purpose that allow students to follow new normal learning methods.

“Although teachers face the challenge of implementing PdP online, especially when PdPR (home-based teaching and learning) is implemented, I see many teachers have successfully produced various forms of PdP materials to ensure that students are not left behind in the learning process. I congratulate you on your efforts and innovations,” he said.

“This is a process that has vast room for improvement and I hope the MoE will continue to listen to suggestions and input from all levels of educators, parents and children themselves in order to improve the PdP approach from time to time.”

According to Muhyiddin, the implementation of digital education as an element in 21st Century Learning is also in line with the Malaysian Education Development Plan or PPPM (2013-2025) in implementing e-learning. This current trend has already shaped the new direction of education. In this aspect, teachers play an important role in adapting technology-based pedagogical content in PdP.

“PPPM also aims to create a learning system that is dynamic and effective, as well as relevant and flexible at all times and places. To that end, teachers must provide the mindset that this universe is a lifelong learning class for our children,” Muhyiddin said.

He also named Noorizan Mohamed as the recipient of Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan 2021.