Johor Port to ensure the nation’s trade continues during Aidilfitri

by NUR HAZIQAH A MALEK / pic source:

JOHOR Port Bhd, a member of the MMC Group, will ensure the country’s trade activities continue during Aidilfitri as port activities are essential services to the country.

The company’s CEO Md Derick Basir said Johor Port plays a vital role in the local and global supply chain.

“We transport edible and non-edible goods for both economic and survival needs. “Not many people are aware of the good work and contribution the port’s employees are making every day to keep our country supplied with the goods that we need,” he said in a statement.

He added port logistics workers are working tirelessly around the clock and are the backbone of not only the nation’s local supply chain but also the trade and supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Without them, the supply chain will be interrupted,” he said.

Johor Port Quay crane operator Lokmanul Naim Ibrahim said although he has to work on the public holiday, he will celebrate Aidilfitri with his colleagues at his workplace and the company has treated them with Aidilfitri dishes.

“I fully understand that my duty here at Johor Port is critical for others,” he said.

A rubber-tyred gantry crane operator Muhammad Afif Ad Dailami Ridzwan said he is proud to be part of the port industry’s frontliners, knowing that he contributes to the people’s wellbeing indirectly.

“Working during Aidilfitri is my small sacrifice to others in which I’ve learned that we don’t have to do a big thing to contribute.

“After all, Aidilfitri is celebrated for one month, I can still celebrate Aidilfitri even if it’s a bit later than the others,” he said.

As part of the essential services in the logistics sector, the port ensures essential goods and trade flows by remaining open, receiving vessels and cargos, which enables people to buy food, medicine and vital goods in the neighbourhood shops even though the country is in a strict lockdown.

The port has served as a multi-purpose port facility for over 40 years.

Johor Port employees have been working to keep the country’s gateway at the southern region open all year round even during the holidays and festive season, ensuring both import and export of foods, essential products, energy and fuel are transported to their respective destinations on time.

This also means that workers cannot be with their families and loved ones during the public holiday.