Dr Mahathir pleads the public to restrain from Raya gathering

Former Prime Minister (PM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the Covid-19 outbreak could go beyond control if people could not restraint from gathering during the upcoming Hari Raya this week.
In a special address this morning, Dr Mahathir appealed to the public, especially Muslims to make sacrifices and celebrate Hari Raya moderately.
As of Sunday, Malaysia recorded 26 deaths, the highest so far, bringing the number of cumulative deaths in Malaysia to 1,683.
He added that looking at the trend of the Covid-19 cases, hospital equipment and resources are already stretched thin to treat infected patients.
He admitted that it is tough for the public to  practice physical distancing especially in any gathering.
“But only self control and self-discipline can help us to win this fight.
“We must be reminded that it could take only one person to affect more than 2,000 people and caused over 20 people deaths,” said Dr Mahathir,  believed to be referring to a cluster in Sarawak, which contributed to the spike of Covid-19 in the state.
“So I hope we can celebrate Hari Raya in a moderate ways. We do not have to visit each others because it can spread the virus transmission,” said the doctor.
The Covid-19 infection had been  stabilised in March, with the government managed to get private hospitals facilities to support the shortage faced by the public health sector.
However, the country is expected to see the fourth wave of infection after the government allowed all sectors to operate although still banning the interstate travel.
On the same note, Dr Mahathir emphasised that it is important for the public to register and try getting the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible.
“With the vaccine, at least we are 90% protected from the virus”.
Dr Mahathir, who also brought the country escape the 1998 financial crisis said, the government must give adequate aids to those who are affected with the current Movement Control Order, such as the Ramadhan Bazaar seller in Selangor, who incur some losses after the government decided to stop the Bazaar activity five days ahead of schedule.