Google Malaysia launches “Mantap Bersama” to support small businesses

by TMR/ pic by Google

Google Malaysia has launched “Mantap Bersama,” an initiative to help small businesses nationwide.

It is aimed toto rally support from Malaysians towards small businesses at a time when they need it the most, after suffering losses throughout the pandemic. 

The campaign will help small businesses build their digital presence on Search and Maps and this is where Malaysians can help. 

Simple actions such as leaving helpful reviews, rating these businesses on Google, and sharing photos of their experiences at their favorite small businesses  goes a long way in helping these small businesses earn more credibility and drive consumer demand to their businesses online.

According to Google Malaysia there are four ways where everyone can lend support for small businesses online this upcoming Raya:

1. Discover new small businesses

Whatever you need, there’s a small business for that. Just search for any product or service + ‘near me’ and discover a new small business. 

2. Leave a helpful Google review

Want to recommend your favourite small businesses to the world? Writing about a boutique’s new Raya collection and well-executed in-shopping experience can help businesses you love attract more customers.

3. Spread the love with photos 

Share your experience. Adding photos of the special Ramadan dish you ordered from a restaurant gives others a better idea of the restaurant.

4. Buy from small businesses

If you have the means, buy from them to help small businesses in your community. Doing so gives small business owners the funds to support employees, while reassuring them that they’ll have your support.

Three YouTube creators who are small businesses owners themselves – Ili Sulaiman, celebrity chef and founder of Ili Pot; Fadhil Mohamad Isa (known in his circles by the name Cardock), former newsreader turned YouTube creator who founded Cardock Academy; as well as Chef Kalidevan Murugaya (best known as Chef Dave), former cruise chef and vegan lifestyle advocate who started D’Vegan Academy have joined the initiative.