FGV’s Gogopasar sees itself as food market unicorn

This kind of business is actually very related to food security as we are dealing with suppliers and farmers, says CEO

by NUR HANANI AZMAN /Pic credit: Gogopasar

FGV Agro Fresh Technology Sdn Bhd’s smart solution, Gogopasar, aims to become a homegrown unicorn start-up and champion for the food supply chain.

Established in February 2020, the FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd subsidiary received the first round of fundraising with investment from FGV Holdings Bhd as an extension of the FGV Agro supply chain ecosystem.

Gogopasar CEO Haslinda Alias said the Movement Control Order (MCO) had been an opportunity for e-commerce grocery marketplaces, rather than a problem.

She said the group successfully hit above a million sales in terms of value in March 2021 including business-to-business and business-to-consumer (B2C).

“Online shopping is a trend which is sustainable and firmly here to stay. We are not a niche market, but basic necessities.

“This kind of business is actually very related to food security as we are also dealing with suppliers and farmers,” she told The Malaysian Reserve.

Haslinda has managed 25 small and medium enterprises and startups over the span of 20 years.

“Out of the 25 companies I set up, this is the most exciting one,” she said.

First ‘Sertu’ Warehouse

Haslinda said Gogopasar will move to a new 20,000-sq ft (1,858 sq m) warehouse in Selayang, Selangor, by June this year, which has now reached 70% completion.

“It is almost a whole ecosystem there. FGV Integrated Farming will also join us and there will be a dry area for their products.

“We will be the first ‘sertu’ (cleansing) warehouse in terms of groceries. We will only deliver halal products,” she added.

Gogopasar has more than 2,800 stock-keeping units including wet and dry items.

There will be a French cafe located at the distribution centre in Selayang where customers can relax while doing their grocery shopping.

“Imagine yourself having a cup of coffee and croissant, freshly prepared onsite while shopping for groceries from a tablet. Get your items prepared and packed for you while enjoying your latte,” she said.

Protection for Delivery Riders

Alarmed at the fatal road accident rate among delivery riders, Haslinda said they will be given insurance protection.

“We will launch GogoZapp, a last-mile delivery service with our very own fleet of riders.

“GogoZapp riders will be using electric vehicles (EVs), which we are still testing in regards to their battery life. Perhaps by June, the EVs will be ready,” she added.

Through GogoZapp, she hoped to provide more jobs to the youth in the gig economy sector.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Gogopasar is aggressively looking for a joint-venture partner for Gogocare, its corporate social responsibility brand and B2C business to ensure long-term revenue.

“One of the key elements in Gogopasar is relationships with the communities by lending a hand in any unfortunate events or tragedies where the affected individuals may be in need for food assistance.

“Gogopasar has collaborated with the Federal Territories Islamic Council to distribute fresh food to the asnaf,” said Haslinda.

Gogopasar had also introduced the Nutrient Pack to ensure disaster victims get the nutritions that their bodies need.

Keeping the B40 Communities Afloat

Haslinda said a home agent programme known as Gogopreneur has been introduced to help overcome the current high unemployment rate.

“The more market share Gogopreneur acquires in their designated area, the more income they will generate. The revenue can be exponential, from as low as RM4,500 monthly.

“They can chart their own growth. The more effort they put in, the more they get out of the business without the burden of scaling physical aspects of the business, for example, more people, more equipment,” she said, adding that there are currently 37 Gogopreneurs in the Klang Valley.

“They had to go through some interviews as we wanted to make sure they had the motivation and focus.

“We plan to expand our coverage to Pahang, Penang, Johor and Melaka,” she said.