MyCEB introduces 10-year strategy for event industry


THE Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) embarks on a Malaysia Business Events Strategic Marketing Plan 2021-2030 (SMP21-30) to establish the nation as a top-tier destination for business and international sporting events hub.

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Motac) Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri (picture) said the agency under Motac has done a tremendous job in being proactive in addressing concerns and remaining conscious of the expectations and needs of the industry.

“The majority of the strategy will be driven by the industry players; however, there is a clear role for the government in facilitating growth of the country’s business and international sporting events industry.

“In charting out a better future for the next decade, the SMP21-30 aspires to deliver a transformative outcome by constituting 3% of the travel and tourism industry and create an estimated 25,883 total employment by 2030,” she said at the SMP21-30 launch in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

MyCEB CEO Datuk Seri Abdul Khani Daud said the development of the SMP anchors the industry for the coming decade.

“Entering the new decade, MyCEB is determined to uplift Malaysia’s business events industry by reinvigorating it both substantively and strategically.

“This SMP creates a pathway for business and international sporting events in Malaysia that can boost the country’s business events industry to re-emerge stronger than before in the coming decade.”

The cumulative total of estimated economic impact of business and international sporting events stands at RM42.12 billion between 2021 and 2030.

Between 2021 and 2025, the figures are expected to be modest with potential dipping, while past-2025 the rise is projected to be constant, according to MyCEB data.

The most optimistic scenario would see business events delivering an estimated amount of RM47.32 billion by 2030, while the most pessimistic scenario would see RM38.42 billion in gains.

Currently, Malaysia stands among the top business events’ destinations alongside others, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China and Sydney, Australia.

Meanwhile, Motac secretary general Datuk Dr Noor Zari Hamat said in line with the plans in place, such as the Motac Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and National Tourism Policy 2020-2030, the SMP emphasises on integrated approach towards business and sporting events.

“The SMP is the result of lengthy consultation with industry partners and stakeholders, with the ideas and vision brought together by MyCEB.

“Their willingness to work together in developing this strategy is a testament to their commitment to the growth and development of the industry,” Noor Zairi said.

The SMP evaluated past strengths and weaknesses by processing internal data to formulate future strategies and action plans, while making an approach to adapting digitalisation and innovation.