TNB to increase Bumiputera vendors participation


TENAGA Nasional Bhd (TNB) plans to raise Bumiputera vendor participation and value-added services in electricity supply projects in the country.

According to CEO Datuk Baharin Din, TNB intends to provide opportunities to Bumiputera vendors through the smart meter installation programme.

“The smart meter project has opened up investment opportunities to local manufacturers and suppliers to meet the needs of meters, telecommunications infrastructure and related software with a value worth more than RM1.5 billion for the next three to four years,” said Baharin at the opening ceremony of TNB’s Vendor Open Day programme yesterday.

“Our total annual procurement is RM8 billion and 53% is from Bumiputera vendors. Our strategy, for example, is ‘smart meters’ which we are providing local vendors in terms of installation, manufacturing so that the percentage of local tender involvement in smart meters is 100% in future,” he added.

To date, TNB has about 800 local vendors and 30 local manufacturers. Baharin said the smart meter installation programme was worth RM1.2 billion in turnover to the vendors.

He said there are other initiatives implemented by TNB which would contribute to the development of its vendors such as the smart grid technology with the Internet of Things features.

This is TNB’s effort to revolutionise the power supply chain to its Geographic Information System mapping project called “The Grid of The Future”.

The mapping project will oversee 25 companies developing new capability in the technology for TNB’s assets, as well as replacing public lighting with LED lighting throughout the country where more than 106 companies would be involved.

“In the future, TNB plans to instal Smart LEDs and this is subject to the approval of the Energy Commission. It will open up opportunities for the development of new high-tech products and currently several manufacturers are conducting testing for each new product,” said Baharin.

Several of the initiatives, he mentioned, will boost business activities and at the same time boost the country’s economic recovery phase following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TNB chairman Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said the TNB Vendor Open Day programme would provide exposure and information on the company’s latest products and services to its vendors.

Since it is also in line with TNB’s role in assisting the government’s efforts to boost Malaysia’s economic growth during the pandemic, this programme would enable the national power utility and vendors to explore business opportunities and produce new products that are related to the electrical supply industry.