S P Setia offers comfortable living surrounded by greenery


To live blissfully in a home, surrounded by nature is one of the main attractions when choosing a place to stay.

A scientific study has proven that spending more time with nature can improve mental concentration and reduce depression and stress after coming home from work.

That’s why staying in a neighbourhood surrounded by greenery and a peaceful ambiance can make all the difference, especially for residents who love spending quality time with family.

Setia Alamsari offers various types of homes such as terrace homes, semi-detached homes, bungalows and commercial centres, all built around gardens and nature. The township was previously owned by I&P Group before S P Setia took over and rebranded the entire project.

Setia Alamsari is a 775-acre freehold township that caters to the needs of first time home buyers, buyers looking to upgrade their homes, as well as small or large families.

Located just five minutes from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Setia Alamsari is the largest township in the Kajang area.

It is also easily accessible via three major highways: the Seremban-Kuala Lumpur Highway, Kajang Silk Highway and Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS).

To date, the overall development of Setia Alamsari is 35% completed, with many more developments and facilities to be provided for the residents in the future.

Soon, S P Setia will launch more medium-priced terrace and linked semi-detached homes to meet the current market, seeing as it is high in demand among the communities in Kajang, Bangi and Semenyih. This year, they will also unveil the first phase of commercial shop lots, as part of their plan to further expand the entire township.

Recently, S P Setia has moved their sales gallery to Setia Alamsari Welcome Centre, located just 1km away from the current sales gallery. With the development of this new sales gallery, it will provide the best services and facilities for all customers.

Eight thematic tropical gardens

Setia Alamsari is a township equipped with the eight thematic gardens, each with a special and different landscape design approach.

The themed gardens include Canopy Park, Nest of Dream, Lake of Reflection, Spring Meadows, Casablanca Park, Garden of Lights, Serenity Pathway and Field of Happiness.

In conjunction with the opening of the Setia Alamsari Welcome Centre on April 10, 2021, S P Setia will have its first preview of this year, called Caressa. Caressa is the first phase of the CASA Collection.

Caressa offers two-storey linked semi D homes ranging in size from 1,965 sq ft to 2,022 sq ft with a land size of 32′ x 65′.

Caressa features four bedrooms and four bathrooms with a 10-foot surplus of land for the whole family.

These beautiful homes will appeal to first time home buyers, youths or those who want to upgrade to a larger house.

With a project offer like this, S P Setia hopes more buyers will choose to live in Setia Alamsari, given its strategic location and being surrounded by many facilities in Kajang, Bangi and Semenyih.

Visit the show houses available at the Setia Alamsari Welcome Center. Those interested can also head over to S P Setia’s website or contact the sales staff at 03-87362255 to find out more about their latest project.


Written by: Muhamad Shaifullah Tayep
This article originally appeared on Utusan Malaysia with rights to be republished on The Malaysian Reserve.