Altel launches positive movement for Malaysians


ALTEL Communication Sdn Bhd has launched an initiative in an aim to nurture positivity and the spirit of togetherness during the more challenging times of the Covid-19 era.

In a statement, the mobile and network provider said last year was a year that changed lives and tested humanity as thousands of lives and jobs were lost.Its group CEO Chelvakumar G

Krishnan said in line with the new norm, the group is committed to spreading positive changes as the nation battled the impact of the pandemic, particularly on mental health.

“At the start of the year, we launched a ‘Positivity Campaign’ for all our employees with the objective of we, as a company, must ‘Be Positive, Stay Positive & Share Positivity’. We acknowledge that working from home can be a challenge and it is important that we look after our employees’ mental health to ensure sustainability,” he said.

Chelvakumar added that after encouraging results from that campaign, the group embarked on a photography programme to support the initiative called “Lense On”.

Open to all Malaysians, this campaign will encourage people to capture “feel-good moments” through the lens of a camera and share them on Altel’s social media.

Chelvakumar said the programme, which started in March 2021 and is slated to end in June 2021, will have seven different themes throughout the competition with selected winners receiving exciting prizes, such as mobile phones, desktop computers and others.

“In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita and togetherness in weathering the pandemic, we hope this initiative will help spread some positivity among our community. Altel hopes to instil the spirit of positive perseverance and hope among all Malaysians,” he added.