Ahmad Zahid: GE15 should have been in 1Q21

Umno agreed to the premiership with the condition that the Parliament would be dissolved in January 2021 and an election should be held by 1Q21


PERIKATAN Nasional (PN) has not kept its promise to conduct the 15th General Election (GE15) within the first quarter this year (1Q21), said Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (picture).

Ahmad Zahid said during the formation of the current ruling alliance, Umno’s support came with the condition that the next election should be conducted this year before March.

“As soon as the Pakatan Harapan government collapsed, Umno called out for an election to be conducted as soon as possible to restore the mandate of the people, but the Covid-19 prevented us from doing so.

“Then, we had agreed for the premiership to be given to a party leader with the least number of MPs, with the condition that the Parliament would be dissolved in January 2021 and an election should be held by 1Q21 or in March,” he said during his speech at the 2020 Umno General Assembly yesterday.

Ahmad Zahid added that instead, an emergency proclamation was announced although the people were expecting an election.

“Quite surprisingly, the GE that should have been held was turned into a proclamation of emergency, which was made in the name of combating the Covid-19 pandemic although we all knew what the real intention was.

“However, Umno members and the people are thankful for the Malaysian rulers rejecting the proposal of the first emergency proclamation, and the King’s consent on the second proposal of the proclamation and allowing for the Parliament to sit,” he said.

In accordance with the current political reality, Ahmad Zahid said Umno has to realign and adjust a new political direction to continue serving the purpose of its establishment.

“Refusing to cooperate with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia — after we realised the dishonesty of their political ploy against Umno — is a testament to the maturity of Umno leaderships.

“Umno’s support in forming the PN government was made for the sake of the people as the previous government oppressed the people, and they failed to implement their manifesto,” Ahmad Zahid said.

During the speech, the Umno leader also declared that Barisan Nasional (BN) will contest alone in the next GE in a bid to make Umno the dominant party in the coalition.

“BN should be prepared as it has decided that the coalition will ‘go solo’ in the next election to make Umno a dominant party again. We must win the most seats.

“BN needs to determine the parties that are truly sincere and honest to form a government with us.

“Dominant does not mean arrogant. Umno is the largest Malay party in Malaysia. If Umno is no longer the pillar of the country’s leadership, the people could not enjoy stability,” he said.

Ahmad Zahid added that there has not been a formal or informal discussion with other political parties, signalling Umno’s indifference in forming an alliance with other parties.

“We will stick to the decision by the Umno Supreme Council, which is ‘No Bersatu, No Anwar, No DAP’.

“There has been no discussion with any of those parties, formal or informal. We will still contest under the BN banner,” he said.