Industrial sector urged to adopt river, contribute to environmental sustainability


THE industrial sector has been urged to adopt rivers in Malaysia to contribute towards the efforts of environmental sustainability.

Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said this move could also change the negative image of industries and factories from being the cause of pollution to the custodians of these rivers.

“All this time, the industrial sector is considered the contributor to pollution and we would like to change that image.

“For example, for a 30-kilometre-long river trail, a factory can adopt 200 metres of the river trail, (and the area) will be under its supervision where it will also bear the maintenance cost for that stretch as well as participate in cleaning the river with its employees,” he said.

He said this after officiating the National River Trail programme organised by the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) at Sungai Jenderam, near here today.

Meanwhile, SPAN in a statement said it has adopted the two-kilometre stretch of Sungai Jenderam in Kampung Jenderam Hulu as an initiative to support the programme.

“The main goal of this programme is to develop the banks of Sungai Jenderam as recreational areas and public parks by involving the public, local communities, non-governmental organisations and government agencies,” read the statement, adding that with this effort it hoped that the local community would be more involved in maintaining its cleanliness and appreciate the river as their water source as well as the flora and fauna surrounding it.