MNS, IWK plant 100 trees to revitalise urban forest

by S BIRRUNTHA / pic courtesy of IWK

THE Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has planted 100 forest trees under the “Adopt a Tree” campaign in an urban forest known as “Khazanah Rimba” managed by Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sdn Bhd in Pantai Eco Park, Kuala Lumpur.

The initiative between the national sewerage company and MNS were supported by crowd funding exercise where any individual, group or company donates a tree or more, and MNS will plant and maintain these trees using one of IWK’s by-products — biosolids.

IWK said the social collaboration between IWK and MNS also aims to revitalise the recreational Pantai Eco Park, which will increase green cover of the park within the next two years.

“Planting trees is a first step to rehabilitate the park.

“The trees are expected to become a shelter to urban fauna species. Khazanah Rimba is intended to create an environmental education hub for the communities living nearby,” it said in a statement yesterday.

The planting of 100 trees also coincided with the recent International Day of Forests 2021 and World Water Day 2021 that took place on March 21 and March 22 respectively.

According to IWK, the trees utilises the biosolids, which are produced at the highest quality post-wastewater treatment from IWK’s sewage treatment plants.

“The biosolids act as soil conditioners, fertilisers to improve soil condition and enhance plant growth for non-food crops.

“MNS used approximately 500kg of biosolids to be blended with soil to prepare the planting medium for these trees,” the company noted.

Among the forest trees that were planted include terap, sentol, merawan bunga, kapur, kekatong, tampoi, kekabu, keruing bulu, giam lintah bukit, melaka, ipoh, merawan kanching, merbau, keruing naram and belimbing gunung.

IWK signed a memorandum of understanding with MNS in July 2020 to expand Khazanah Rimba, as a direct response to the government’s effort in preserving the forest and making the city a greener environment.

IWK also provided the facilities, materials, managerial and industry technical skills to support MNS’ effort to grow the urban forest for the communities around it.

Additionally, the project also aimed to give shelter to urban fauna species and to transform the park into a community and educational park.

IWK and MNS extended their gratitude to donors who supported the campaign and encouraged more participants to contribute to the on-going journey of livening the urban forest.

For those who are interested to adopt a tree, make a donation or enquire about the campaign, can email [email protected] for further information.