Melaka Zoo set to welcome new black panther cubs

by BERNAMA / pic credit: Melaka Zoo

MELAKA – After a dozen years of waiting, the Melaka Zoo family is now preparing to welcome new members to a group of six black panthers under their care.

In sharing the good news to Bernama, its zoology unit head Azman Ghazali said that Seri, an eight-year-old female black panther, was around three-months pregnant and was expected to give birth next month.

“All preparations have been made including constant monitoring by her doctor and caregiver. We have also transferred her to the back area to reduce interruption and provide comfort to her,” he said when contacted.

Azman said the quiet atmosphere without the presence of visitors during the implementation of the Movement Control Order before this has provided the space for Seri and other panthers to express their natural behaviour including mating.

He said the significant change in the animals’ behaviour could be seen since the end of last year, especially when four out of the six black panthers in the zoo have been showing mating behaviour.

Since then, the doctors and zookeepers have been monitoring the animals and their long wait has finally paid off when Seri was found to be pregnant.

Azman said Seri, who is paired with Kiki, a male panther of the same age, was in good condition and calm but was more sensitive to her surroundings.

Her appetite has also increased and the female panther has been given additional food and vitamins to maintain her health during the pregnancy.

Besides the panther, the Melaka Zoo is also excited to welcome a calf from a 15-year-old giraffe called ‘Ros’, as well as a sun bear in the near future.

“Both of them have been isolated and all staff are closely monitoring these pregnant animals as we are worried if there are any complications. However, everything is in a good condition so far,” he said.