Monsta celebrates BoBoiBoy 10th anniversary with exciting line-up

by BERNAMA / pic credit: BoBoiBoy

KUALA LUMPUR – It has been 10 years since BoBoiBoy the animated series was first introduced on March 13, 2011.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the show’s creator, Monsta is inviting fans of the series across the country to celebrate the ‘BoBoiBoy Beyond’ themed celebration with a variety of exciting activities throughout the year.

Monsta in a statement today said the celebration began with a replay of the first episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy, with five minutes of new scenes showcasing the bond between BoBoiBoy and his father, Amato.

The 30-minute special episode was uploaded on the Monsta Youtube Channel on March 14 and has reached three million views as well as nearly 2,000 shares on BoBoiBoy’s official Facebook page within 24 hours.

Monsta chief executive officer, Nizam Abd Razak said, “The special episode of BoBoiBoy extended version of Episode 1, Season 1 is just the beginning, as a gift from us to the loyal fans of BoBoiBoy and Monsta,” he said.

The special episode was also ‘trending’ on Twitter in Malaysia and Indonesia with the hashtag #BoBoiBoyBeyond10, prompting positive reactions from viewers on BoBoiBoy’s social media comment space who were excited after 10 years of waiting to see the interaction of the local superhero generation.

The extended version special episode will be shown on TV3 and Indonesian television station RTV during the March school holidays, followed by the screenings of several short clips in conjunction with the 10th anniversary celebration.

The BoBoiBoy Movie 3 is currently in the early stages of production and is expected to hit cinemas nationwide in 2022, said Monsta.

According to the statement, March 13 was BoBoiBoy’s birthday and the celebration was celebrated with joy by fans and spectators around the world on Saturday.

“With the hashtag #HappyBoBoiBoyDay, hundreds of artwork and video recordings by fans were uploaded on social media and it did not end there.

“Various programmes, exciting events and the latest products have been arranged by Monsta to celebrate the biggest year for the BoBoiBoy series with the fans and home viewers of the whole family,” it said.

It added, BoBoiBoy is not just an animated entertainment, the series has carried a message that can be emulated by young people as well as making BoBoiBoy’s character closer to Malaysians and a ‘role model’ among children.

From its humble beginnings on Malaysian television, BoBoiBoy has successfully penetrated more than 70 countries around the world including Korea, China, Turkey and the United States.

He said the achievement would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of local fans and viewers from around the world.

“Although many viewers and fans will remember BoBoiBoy’s journey for a decade with nostalgia, Monsta hopes that the BoBoiBoy animated series will continue to make a name for itself after a decade in the local animation industry,” it said.