Malaysians believe social assistance required to help women post-Covid-19

MALAYSIANS believe that social assistance, flexible work practices and access to healthcare are crucial to help women post Covid-19, according to the latest data released by Ipsos. 
“Almost exactly a year after the pandemic became a truly global crisis, much has been said about the impact it has had across different communities and demographic groups, including the implications it has for women.  
“Malaysians point to social assistance, flexible work practices and access to healthcare to ensure the pandemic recovery efforts are addressing issues that women are facing,” Ipsos Malaysia head of public affairs Wan Nuradiah Wan Mohd Rani said in a statement today. 
The latest findings from Malaysia based on the study on International Women’s Day 2021 revealed 47% of Malaysians viewed social assistance such as cash and food support as a core element for women’s post pandemic recovery. 
This is followed by flexible working hours (43%) and access to healthcare (37%). 
Compared to the global country average (36%), Malaysians are less likely to highlight support for women who face violence or abuse at just 30%. 
“In some countries people tend to think the negative impacts of Covid are felt more strongly by one gender than the other – Malaysians are more inclined to feel it has hit both genders equally hard,” she added. 
While people from some countries see the pandemic having a more adverse impact on one gender than the other, 80% of Malaysians don’t tend to think of the negative outcomes as gender specific.