HP goes beyond security, leading the way in sustainability

HP envisions creating technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere

by LYDIA NATHAN / Pics courtesy of HP

WORKING and learning from home have become one of the most common practices across the globe since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

With the significant increase in usage of appliances by the entire household, it is unsurprising that there are concerns over the release of emissions and their overall impact on the environment.

While some companies are scrambling to combat the impact with technology, others began much earlier, leading the way with large strides into sustainability.

HP Inc. has a vision to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Part of that includes a commitment to create a positive, lasting change for the planet, the people and the communities around the world.

HP initiated measures in the last decade, starting from being the first computer manufacturer to offer recycling programmes in 1987 and the first corporation to adopt the GreenScreen Hazard Assessment Method in 2009.

More than 80% of HP Elite Dragon y’s mechanical parts use recycled materials — marking the world’s 1st notebook with ocean-bound plastic

The company achieved a triple ‘A’ score for transparency and action on climate, forests and water, and was also recognised as a CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) supplier engagement leader.

HP Malaysia and Singapore PC business director Yogesh Bhatia said the company is dedicated to driving progress towards a more sustainable future with the world’s most suitable computers for this day and age.

“We strive to reduce the climate impact of our supply chain, operations, products and solutions.

“We were named the CDP Climate ‘A’ list for the sixth year in a row for our actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risk and develop the low-carbon economy,” he said.

Yogesh said one of the main strategies on its forefront is making use of ocean-bound plastic, which is plastic waste found within 50km of an ocean coastline, including rivers with no municipal or alternative available within 100km of the site.

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook. So far, more than 60m bottles have been diverted and used in HP products

The plastics collected are then aggregated and sorted by various waste processors and sent for cleaning and grinding into pellets.

“It is then mixed with virgin plastic and molded into new parts. Over 1.7 million pounds of ocean-bound plastics are sourced for use in HP ink cartridges and hardware, keeping them out of the ocean,” he said.

According to Yogesh, with resale and recycling services in 76 countries and territories worldwide, coupled with innovative technology tools through the usage of ocean-bound plastics and accessories, HP strives to deliver its most sustainable portfolio of products and solutions yet.

He said beyond the collecting, sorting and recycling process, the usage of ocean-bound plastics extends to its computer portfolio, where plastics are molded into new parts like laptop enclosures, fan enclosure and speakers.

HP Zbook Studio. HP is dedicated to driving progress towards a more sustainable future

“A good example of this is the HP Elite Dragonfly where more than 80% of its mechanical parts use recycled materials — also marking the world’s first notebook with ocean-bound plastic.

So far, more than 60 million bottles have been diverted and used in HP products like HP Zbook Create and Zbook Studio, HP Elite c1030 Chromebook, HP Elite Display E273D Docking monitor and ink cartridges.

Another aspect that HP has been enhancing is security, which has remained a priority when purchasing technological tools for the work-from-home trend, as rising cases of cyber security has been on the upsurge nationwide.

Yogesh said the shift to remote working was a huge change and not something many people were prepared for when the pandemic hit.

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook

“Security risks have never been greater, with the rising cases of cyber crimes marking a norm since the start of the epidemic. There were 7,765 incidents reported in the first eight months of 2020.

“Topping the list of cyber crimes is fraud, followed by intrusion or better known as hacking with a reported 933 cases, harassment (409) and malicious codes (351),” he noted.

In line with that, Yogesh said HP has continued to innovate to ensure businesses can protect all forms of security, whether within, on or above the operating layers.

Some of the features included Sure Click, which stops attacks and protects endpoints using virtualisation-based security.

Another feature is Sure Sense, which uses deep learning models to detect malicious files and prevent malware, zero-day virus, ransomware and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks from harming a device.

HP Zbook Studio.

“Users can opt to have Sure View, an additional tool which guards sensitive information by reducing 95% of visible lights when viewed at an angle, and Sure Recover which uses a security controller and allows people to reimage their devices to the latest OS image using only a wired network connection,” Yogesh said.

He said HP will continue creating technology to make life better, extending its call to equip the workforce with technology solutions for productivity and collaboration.

“Devices today are powerful, allowing people to cut through the spread of the pandemic with virtual meetings, calls and remote tasks.

“As Asian countries confront shrinking and ageing workforces during the global pandemic, virtual work helps organisations increase diversity, promote inclusion and hire staff who do not fit the traditional corporate mold. That includes disabled employees, stay-at-home parents and workers caring for elderly parents,” he said.

Yogesh said its ability to support and innovate for both businesses and individual users paid off when HP was awarded the highest recognition, the Gold Award under the Cameras, IT, and Office & Business Equipment categories for the Putra Brand Awards.

“This marks the first time HP has won the highest prestige for the awards, which was judged unanimously by over 6,000 consumers nationwide. HP Malaysia remains steadfast in long-standing partnerships with our country and the communities within to advance digital transformation for a better and stronger Malaysia,” Yogesh added.