EPF declares 5.2 per cent dividend


THE Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has a declared dividend of 5.2% with a payout worth RM42.88 billion for Simpanan Konvensional.

This is lower than 5.45% declared for 2019 and the lowest dividend in more than a decade.

EPF also announced a 4.9% for Simpanan Shariah, with a payout totalling RM4.76 billion.

“With an average five-year real dividend of 4.62 per cent for Simpanan Konvensional and 4.32 per cent for Simpanan Shariah after adjusting for inflation, the EPF has exceeded its strategic target of declaring at least 2 per cent real dividend on average for a rolling five-year basis,” EPF said in a statement today.

The fund added that the total payout for 2020 is RM47.64 billion.

The EPF, one of the world’s oldest and largest retirement funds, declared the lowest return for Simpanan Konvensional in 2008 at 4.5% during the global financial crisis.

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