‘See you in court’ should not be a Malaysian culture – constitutional expert


‘See you in court’ should not be part of a Malaysian culture, instead the out-of-court settlement should be adopted to maintain good relationship among the people in the country.

The incumbent Institution of the Malay Rulers Chair at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Professor Dr Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz said in an established society like in Japan, they prefer to settle any dispute outside the court rather than have the matter determined by a Judge.

“Based on our practice, we also do not encourage people to go to court. In court there is mediation or arbitration that provides an alternative dispute resolution outside the court.

“We should not depend on the court. Court should be the last resort for resolving any dispute as maintaining good relationships is more important,” she said in the Bernama TV’s Darah Muda programme today.

Meanwhile, Shamrahayu who is also a constitutional expert, said holding a dialogue could be the most appropriate medium to settle any issues related to religion and ethnic differences as it is based on facts and knowledge, and not using mere sentiments, feelings or emotions.

She said academic discussions on religious and ethnic differences are very much encouraged to establish a strong civilisation.

“We can talk about sensitive issues, but must respect others and the dialogue should be conducted using a more intellectual as well as academic approach, and (those involved) should not easily get emotional,” she said.