Demand for online tuition soars

Online learning is capable of addressing almost all learning patterns while adjusting to all expectations


DEMAND for online tuition has increased as schools are forced to close down throughout the series of Movement Control Order as part of the government’s efforts in controlling the spread of Covid-19 infections.

MyTutor Home Tuition vice manager Nurshakilla Abdullah said the demand for online tuition has risen as more parents decided to opt for online lessons for their children.

“As for MyTutor, there has been an unprecedented demand for online tutoring, which was not previously a significant service.

“MyTutor conducts a mega project of online tuition which is online grouping classes (Tuisyen Online Berkumpulan or TOB) since April 2020, and we have received more than 1,200 entries so far,” she said.

Despite the increase, Nushakilla said the centre is well-equipped with adequate staff to fulfil the demand for personal online tuition and TOB.

“Our online services have seen the demand and use soar. Every day, tutors usually have four to five lessons, spending up to eight hours a day at their home computer to meet the demand of a large number of students,” she said.

She added that the TOB lesson could fit up to 24 students, and all of MyTutor staff have been using Google’s apps for teaching purposes.

“We use Google Classroom to communicate with parents and students by giving out materials and assignments through various types of mediums such as Google Form and discussion on the homework via Google Classroom.

“There are also question and answer sessions during the online classes,” Nurshakilla explained.

Tutors also use a web-based automatic marking system to assess the students’ performance in their interactive exercises.

“Different individuals learn in different ways, and we do everything in our power to ensure that all learning needs are met. Online learning is capable of addressing almost all learning patterns while adjusting to all expectations for process,” she said.

Nurshakilla said there is also a wide range of learning methods and resources that can be used to facilitate learning while satisfying all needs to fit each student’s preferred learning style, including visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.

As a home tutoring service provider, MyTutor is also very concerned with parents’ perception on online tutoring.

“Online tutoring enables studies from any location that has Internet access. It could accommodate the schedules among school students. The system also broadens students’ technological skills and prepares students for remote jobs.

“This situation has been a growing trend even before Covid-19,” Nurshakilla added.

Translife Education CEO Aery Goh said the demand for online tuition has been extremely high as students could not learn enough from their tuition at school last year.

“Both parents and students are worried about their studies, especially those who are preparing for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations,” he said.

Goh said despite tough competition from other players who had already caught on to the viability of online tuition, Translife has a significant number of students who had already signed up for its online lessons.

“This led to our acquisition cost per customer dropping by 50% compared to last year when there was less competition — an achievement we are proud of!” he added.

Goh said most of the students are seeking additional help from the tutors for mainly science stream subjects like Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

On the other hand, Mathematics and Pendidikan Moral are simpler subjects as fewer students from Form 4 and 5 would take up these lessons for tuition.

“It’s unlikely that without any guidance from the teachers, the student can understand via self-learning. On top of that, if the teachers fail to make their teachings simple and easy to understand, the students will lose interest even faster as the teachers cannot monitor what the students are doing on the other side of the screen,” he said.

Goh added that the students’ attention span relies heavily on the effectiveness of the teachers’ method.

He added that other tuition centres use different segregated platforms which lead to the confusion of tracking information and materials.

There is also the inconvenience of switching platforms in between, or worse still, the potential risk of privacy issues.

“Our students are able to complete their full tuition journey on a single platform which is our web application starting from registration, free trial, payment, getting class updates, attending live class, downloading handouts, asking questions after class, submitting assignments, watching replay, to referring friends to earn extra pocket money,” he said.

The majority of students also managed to achieve significant progress after following their lessons for two to three months, despite the majority of their attendance rate being around 30%.

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