Netflix to debut anime series based on Valve’s popular Dota game


Netflix Inc., which struck gold with its adaptation of “The Witcher” a year ago, is looking for another crossover hit from the games industry with the announcement of an anime series based on Valve Corp.’s Dota 2.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood” will premiere on March 25 and feature characters from the multiplayer title such as the Dragon Knight Davion and Princess Mirana. The game, while free to play, is one of the biggest earners among PC titles, using some of the proceeds from players buying in-game cosmetics and upgrades to fund competitive-play prizes in excess of $150 million to date. Dota 2 had 7.7 million unique players over the last month.

The series will consist of eight episodes of “epic, emotional, and adult-oriented story about some of their favorite characters,” said Ashley Edward Miller, the showrunner and executive producer, who co-wrote the screenplay for 2011’s “Thor” movie.

The collaboration with Netflix marks a shift for ​Valve. It has traditionally been reluctant to relinquish control over its properties to others, and it’s been working to consolidate the Dota 2 esports scene under its own management. But it’s counting on the streaming-video leader to create a show that will satisfy the game’s demanding fans.