National conservation trust fund offer funding up to RM1m


GOVERNMENT departments, agencies, NGOs and public institutions of learning have been invited to submit their request for proposal (RFP) applications for funding under the National Conservation Trust Fund for Natural Resources (NCTF) for this year.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah (picture) said in a statement yesterday that the funding covers seven fields of focus to ensure that the NCTF will emphasise and prioritise biodiversity and forests.

The seven fields include the use of technology and digitalisation in forest management; conservation of wild flora and fauna in addition to tigers, including non-detrimental findings; total economic value research and conservation; and management of ecosystems, as well as important ecological sites, including ecotourism areas.

Other fields are the management and nomination of new biodiversity sites of international importance such as Ramsar, Man and Biosphere sites and geopark accreditation; marine and inland fishery biodiversity; and capacity building and communication, education and public awareness programmes for biology access and benefit sharing.

“Each applicant can apply for a maximum of RM1 million in funding with project duration between six months and two years,” said Shamsul Anuar.

He said the RFP, project documents and application forms need to be submitted to the NCTF secretariat before June 30.

According to him, the NCTF fund was established in 2015 to fund the implementation of research and development activities, resource protection and management, awareness and conservation efforts.

Since its founding, the ministry has approved 41 research projects, with 17 completed thus far.

Shamsul Anuar said the ministry welcomed non-government donations, especially from the private sector, to the NCTF fund.

Donations can be sent to account number 160140010004397, Alliance Islamic Bank Bhd (Secretary-General, Energy and Natural Resources Ministry).