Only critical construction works allowed, says ministry


ALL works within the construction industry are not allowed to operate during the reinstated Movement Control Order except for critical works.

According to the Ministry of Works, only important maintenance and repair works that could possibly endanger or harm the public if left unfinished or unattended are allowed.

Its Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said such works include:

  • Repair of slopes and any other form of road works.
  • Repair and maintenance of bridges.
  • Inspection and repair of lifts, escalator, elevators and other mechanical or electrical equipment.
  • Repairs of traffic lights and construction of tunnels.
  • Cleaning of stagnant water, fogging at construction sites, and
  • Any other emergency works within its contract.

Fadillah said some works within the public infrastructure sector will be allowed, which mainly utilises machinery and do not require many workers to be in one area at a time, such as:

  • Highways and roads.
  • Bridges and Viaducts.
  • Light Rail Transit or Mass Rapid Transit, and
  • Infrastructure relating to electricity, communication, dams and the oil and gas sector.

All professional consultancy services and supply chain services are allowed but will be expected to follow the standard operating procedures closely.

“Any machinery used and goods delivered will need to be tho-roughly cleaned, sanitised and recorded properly before entering construction sites,” Fadillah said.

Meanwhile, all operations need approval from the International Trade and Industry Ministry and contractors will have to hand in the necessary paperwork required.

This includes the location and proposed duration of the project, list of contractors and subcontractors, list of suppliers, any machinery used and all materials being used.

Fadillah said operating times and working hours are to be followed closely, while workers are not allowed to be transferred from one site to another.

Additionally, all workers in the industry will need to undergo Covid-19 screening including foreign workers who have done the RT-PCR testing.

Fadillah said for workers who contribute to the Social Security Organisation, employers will have to bear the clinic cost, while non-contributors will have to bear the full cost of both clinics and tests.