More people evacuated in Sabah, situation remains the same in Sarawak, drop in flood victims in Pahang


KUALA LUMPUR – More people are evacuated in Sabah, while in Sarawak, there is no change in the number of flood victims since last night, and in Pahang, more of the evacuees have returned home.

In SABAH, the number of flood victims increased to 895 people from 258 families as of 8 am today, compared to 836 people from 237 families last night.

The Sabah Disaster Management Committee Secretariat, in a statement today, said all the victims were housed at 16 relief centres (PPS) in nine districts.

The districts are Kota Belud, with 264 evacuees at four PPS, Beaufort (142 evacuees); Tuaran (106); Kota Kinabalu (101); Tenom (75); Penampang (69); Putatan (49); Paitan (48); and Papar (41).

According to the statement, a PPS that was opened in Tuaran, at the Kampung Bunga Tenghilan Mosque, was closed yesterday afternoon after the situation was restored and all the evacuees were allowed to return home.

Overall, the floods affected 230 villages and there is an increase in the trend of evacuation of flood victims, apart from the rain still falling this morning, including in Kota Belud and Beaufort, with bad and alert weather warning having been issued for some districts in Sabah, it said.

In SARAWAK, the PPS in Serian district is still operating as at 8 am today with 325 flood victims.

The victims are at the PPS at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanah Puteh, which is the only centre still opened as the state recovers from the flood.

Six districts in Sarawak were hit by floods last Wednesday due to heavy rains and high tide phenomena that occurred simultaneously, before the situation began to ease on Friday.

In PAHANG, the Social Welfare Department’s Info Bencana reported that only three districts are still affected by the floods, but the number of victims at the relief centres is declining.

Kuantan recorded the highest number of victims this morning, with 380 people at two PPS, followed by Pekan (298 people, four PPS) and Maran (22 people, two PPS).

The portal reports that the water level at all rivers in Pahang is normal, except for Sungai Jelai in Lipis which exceeds the danger level and Sungai Pahang in Serambi, Pekan, which is at the warning level.