Macau scam: Clerk loses more than RM100,000 after giving personal information


KUALA LUMPUR – An accounts clerk lost RM112,000 after giving her personal bank information to an unknown person, believed to be a member of the Macau Scam syndicate.

Sentul district police chief ACP Beh Eng Lai said the incident happened on Jan 2 when the clerk, in her 40s,  received a call from an unknown man on the use of a credit card under her name.

The man then connected the call to a man claiming to be a Bank Negara officer and to whom, the victim had disclosed her personal bank information, when requested, purportedly for verification,  he said, adding that the clerk only realised he had been cheated a day after receiving the call when she checked her bank account.

The woman found that some of the money in her bank account had been transferred to a third party account, Beh told a media conference at his office here today.

Beh said the Sentul district police received a total of 193 police reports on Macau Scam calls involving losses of RM6 million last year, of which 30 per cent of the total cases had been resolved.

In a separate case, seven Malaysians, aged between 23 and 40, including two women, were arrested on suspicion of conducting illegal online gambling in a raid on a condominium in Kepong, here, at about 8.30pm last  Jan 7.

The police also seized 27 computers and some equipment used for gambling activities during the raid, he added.