Flood in Kg Korina, Kudat, worst in over 30 years


KUDAT – The flash flood that hit Kampung Korina in Sikuati, here, yesterday following more than 50 hours of continuous rain, was the worst in over 30 years for the village.

Jamiah Yunus, 78, who has been living in the village for 40 years, said flash floods had occurred in the village before but it was only up to knee level and receded fast compared to this time when it reached over three metres within a short time.

She said the water rose fast about 7 am yesterday and her family quickly saved various important items before evacuating to the relief centre.

“I was shocked to see the water level rising fast because for a long time, this village has not experienced such a flash flood…..usually, it would subside fast and we needn’t move to a relief centre,” she told Bernama when met at the relief centre in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sikuati.

Up to noon today, 932 flood victims from 283 families were at the relief centre and the number was expected to increase later on as the rain continued.

Meanwhile, another villager, Tamahri Delus, 53, said as Kampung Korina had not been frequently hit by flash floods since over 30 years ago, her house was not built on stilts but this time, the flood had destroyed many of her belongings including sofas and mattresses.

“I remember the big flash flood that hit our village 30 years ago. However, in the following years, they were not serious and we did not have to evacuate as the floodwaters subsided fast,” she added.

Makin Duali, 46, who has been living Kampung Korina for 10 years now, said this was the first time that he saw the flooded village looking like a sea.

Kudat Department of Irrigation and Drainage personnel, Liew Vun Yap said that up to noon today, the water level in Sungai Korina was at 2.3 metres, above the river’s danger level of 1.6 metres.

“We are monitoring the water level every hour and reporting it to our operations room. Although it is still raining, the water level seems to be receding compared to the level of 2.8 metres this morning,” he said.