Nora Anne’s death due to misadventure, no one involved – Coroner Rules

by BERNAMA / pic by AFP

SEREMBAN – The Coroner’s Court here today ruled that Franco-Irish teenager Nora Anne Quoirin (picture) died due to misadventure.

Coroner Maimoonah Aid in her verdict in the inquest of Nora Anne’s death said that after hearing all the relevant evidence, she held that there was no one involved in her death.

“It is more probable than not that she died by misadventure, that is, she had gone out  from Sora House on her own (the chalet where she and her  family were staying when they arrived in Malaysia on Aug 3, 2019) and subsequently got lost in an abandoned oil palm plantation.

For me to speculate  and presume involvement of a third party without any proven facts would be a breach of my duty. The inquiry is hereby closed,” she said.

Nora Anne, 15, was found missing on Aug 4, 2019, a day after she and her family arrived in Malaysia for a two-week vacation at a resort in Pantai here, about 60 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur.