Frozen meat import company’s documents seized – MACC


KUALA LUMPUR – All related documents belonging to a frozen meat import company, believed to be involved in the meat cartel issue, were seized two weeks ago, said Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) deputy chief commissioner (Operations) Datuk Seri Ahmad Khusairi Yahaya (picture).

He said the MACC would go through all seized documents dating back to 2015 and company’s accounts to track down the mastermind including the enforcement personnel involved in protecting the activities.

“The investigation into this case is conducted under Section 18 and Section 17 (a) of the MACC Act,” he told Bernama today.

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on the detention of two directors and two employees of frozen meat import companies, Ahmad Khusairi said the items were imported illegally from several countries without the authorities’ approval.

“The focus of the MACC investigation is on two aspects, namely, the first one is the offence of submitting false declarations in Customs Form 1 by the import company and agents handling the process.

“The second aspect is to examine if any form of corruption money being paid through the accounts of the company involved,” he said.

He said in every MACC investigation, elements of secrecy and surprise are crucial if a case gets widespread media exposure.

“It seems to give them (bribe giver and receiver) a chance to dispose of all the evidence.

“Being quiet does not mean that the agencies involved in the investigation do not take action but collecting evidence requires time and careful analysis,” he said.

Ahmad Khusairi said if the MACC discusses this issue too much in the media then it will complicate the investigation and give a negative perception to the community.

He said all suspects arrested yesterday by the Johor MACC were remanded for four days starting today for further investigation under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code.