Local authorities among frontliners exposed to corruption, says PM

Efforts to combat bribery must remain an important agenda which needs to be imposed on all local authorities, Muhyiddin says


THE government will be pressing on initiatives to combat the culture of bribery which often involves local authorities.

Prime Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (picture) said this effort must remain an important agenda which needs to be imposed on all local authorities.

“To ensure efficiency and transparency in administrative management, we must improve the integrity aspect at the government level with efforts such as eradicating corruption.

“This is so that we can have a work culture which does not compromise value and ethics,” he said during the 27th Amalgamated National Union Local Authorities Employees (ANULAE) conference yesterday.

He also urged local authorities and agencies to do more field work to review and understand the real situation regarding their staff who meet the public in daily affairs.

“I am aware and concerned about the welfare of civil servants, including the frontline staff who have invested time and energy to protect us during this pandemic,” he said.

Following the pandemic, a new norm needs to be practised to allow businesses to resume operations, with a few kinks such as reducing face-to-face meetings and ensuring standard operating procedures are carried out.

“Our responsibility now is to cultivate the new norm effectively, so that services remain available to the public with increased work productivity,” he said.

Muhyiddin said the conference for ANULAE representatives should be considered as a platform to voice out concerns related to its members’ wellbeing.

“I also hope that this union will continue to be the eyes and ears of the local communities in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, and agencies under the state governments and local authorities,” he said.

To compensate for the work done by civil servants, a few initiatives have been announced via Budget 2021, such as the special one-off aid of RM600 for civil servants of Grade 56 or below, while retirees and non-pensionable veterans are eligible to receive an allowance of RM300.

Muhyiddin said frontliners are also given one-off aids of RM500 as an addition to the RM600 Covid-19 special allowance which has been provided since March.

Other qualified frontline officers based on the criteria set by the National Disaster Management Agency will also receive an allowance of RM300.


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