Titanium jewellery for women of today

Unlike gold, silver and platinum, titanium isn’t a popular choice for women’s jewellery, but Celovis is set to prove otherwise

by AZALEA AZUAR / Pics source: Celovis

YOU shot me down…but I won’t fall…I am titanium…!”

Somehow, the song by Sia and David Guetta seems to resonate very much with the women of today.

For the uninitiated, titanium is the hardest natural metal on earth. Due to its tough, sturdy and extremely durable nature, titanium is traditionally used to produce aircraft, spacecrafts and missiles.

The element is also known as a “masculine” metal and has also gained traction as a material that is incorporated mainly in men’s jewellery.

In the age of equality, titanium’s tough, light and durable nature has also become a symbol of the modern women who are no longer confined to the traditional role of a housewife and a mother.

Unlike gold, silver and platinum, titanium isn’t a popular choice for women’s jewellery due to its association with masculinity, but Celovis, a well-known jewellery brand, is set to prove otherwise.

Soft and Tough

Celovis inserts ‘feminine elements’ like mother of pearl into the designs to soften the look and entire effect

Celovis Jewellery is a premium fashion jewellery private label, founded in 2014, and this is the brand registered in Paris.

“So, we are positioning ourselves as the first female titanium jewellery brand in Malaysia.

“Titanium is one of the hardest metals in the world. But it’s also one of the lightest, so I personally feel that titanium is something really significant, particularly to the new century female,” Celovis founder Sammy Chong told The Malaysian Reserve.

While men’s titanium jewellery is usually matte black in colour and has a very masculine design, Celovis strives to recreate the definition of titanium by infusing the metal with very feminine and elegant designs.

For instance, Celovis inserts “feminine elements” like mother of pearl into the designs to soften the look and entire effect.

“The combination between the two is really significant. Introducing the new century ladies is a combination between the soft and the very bold. That’s basically how we position our brand,” Chong said.

She said titanium can truly represent the women of today because of the multiple roles they play these days.

“There was a time when women just do housework, stay home and serve the husband and family.

Nowadays, females have multiple roles. We still have to serve our family. We still have to play a role as a good daughter, and we still have to play a role as a good colleague, a good worker. So, we have so many roles while being a good mother as well,” she said.

Celovis also aims to empower women to just be themselves.

Amora Simple Love Rose Gold necklace at Celovis

“There are always a lot of internal conflicts. Sometimes, you might wonder if you’re doing the right thing, but some people would tell you that ‘a female cannot do this’ or ‘you should do that’.

“All these statements could sometimes be discouraging. That’s where our brand comes in to empower females to just be themselves,” Chong said.

By choosing Celovis, the clients could project a balance between the soft and the bold in the design.

“I personally feel titanium jewellery represents us. Like a necklace, you wear it every day, and it is one of the things that really touch your skin the most, like really near you. That truly represents you,” Chong said.

She said jewellery that one wears reflects the character.

“If you are a very outgoing kind of ladies, you won’t wear too feminine, bling-bling kind. You’d choose a more statement type.”

Affordable, Biocompatible

The misconception about titanium jewellery is that it is expensive. Well, it’s not. To begin with, titanium is not tradable, unlike gold, platinum and silver.

Titanium can truly represent the women of today because of the multiple roles they play these days

Tradable elements are usually placed under fine jewellery (except for silver which is semi-fine), so Celovis is considered a fast fashion brand that is priced between RM179 and RM359.

One usually buys fast fashion jewellery from the night markets which can be bought for as low as RM10.

This type of affordable jewellery contains brass, which some may be allergic to. If they wear it for long periods, they may suffer from itching and swelling at the affected area.

In worse-case scenarios, one might require a trip to the emergency room.

“When you buy fast fashion labels, most of them are made from brass, but ours are made from titanium, which is a very good thing for those who have allergies,” Chong said.

She claimed that the titanium used by Celovis is biocompatible as it is similar to what is used by doctors during orthopaedic operations.

Collection for Pet Lovers

We usually would treat our pets like our own family. In fact, we might even treat them better than our family members!

Now, Celovis has a special collection meant for pet lovers, which enables pet owners to engrave their pet’s paw print into their jewellery.

“One of our newly launched products is the pet lover’s collection. If you have a cat, you can just take their paw print and then give it to us. Then, we can transcribe it and engrave it on your jewellery,” said Chong.

Some of them even function like mini urns that could be used to store pets’ ashes after they died! Chong believes this would denote that meaningful connection between owners and pets.

Among Celovis’ best-selling collections are the “Love and Eternity” and the Roman numeric ranges.

For more information regarding Celovis’ collections, go to the website at celovis.com.