Modenas unveils latest model of iconic Kriss 110

The motorcycle packs a maximum power of 4.9kW and 6.7 NM of torque

by AZALEA AZUAR / source: Modenas

MOTOSIKAL dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd (Modenas) launched the latest model of Modenas Kriss 110 which comes with a disc-brake and is priced at RM3,877 before insurance and tax.

The new model is equipped with front twin-piston disc-brakes and rear drum brakes with twin shock absorbers.

Modenas CEO Roslan Roskan is hopeful that this “Ikon Rakyat” will once again become a staple in every Malaysian household like its predecessor.

“The added features that come with it make the Kriss 110 disc brake variant one of the best choices for first-time motorcycle buyers seeking a reliable and easy-to-handle machine,” he said in a statement yesterday.

“I believe that with its pricing and all its safety and style upgrades, we have a winner in our hand,” he added.

Roslan is also confident that Malaysian motorcycle fans will appreciate the value for money offered by the Kriss 110 disc-brake variant with its additional features.

The disc-brake variant is the latest iteration of the Kriss 110, which was Modenas’ first motorcycle model when it launched in 1996.

The Kriss 110 disc-brake version dons a stylish and sporty look with a grey titanium engine and muffler cover paint.

Complimenting these designs are the stylish sports rims which are fitted with tubeless tyres, for better durability and longer-lasting tyres.

The motorcycle packs a maximum power of 4.9kW and 6.7 NM of torque although the four-stroke, SOHC (single overhead camshaft), single-cylinder, carburettor-powered motorcycle remains air-cooled.

Riders will feel confident when riding at night and during rainy day as the Kriss 110 disc-brake variant gets a new multi-reflector headlamp for enhanced brightness.

On the other hand, the new decal design accentuates the over-all styling.

The older models were only available with black and blue hues. Now, the new variant comes with one more new colour — red.

The shorter wheelbase allows riders to easily manoeuvre through narrow spaces, while the cushion thickness of the seat has been upgraded to bring enhanced comfort.

It offers harmoniously enhanced ergonomics for maximum comfort and better vehicle control, especially during long hours of daily commute.

The new Kriss 110 disc-brake variant even boasts a new hazard light feature, which is not available in other motorcycles. This feature comes in handy especially during an emergency, or when stopping by the roadside due to heavy rain.

This new variant is catered for riders who want to purchase an affordable motorcycle with a disc brake. The Kriss 110 disc-brake variant is available with a two-year warranty or 20,000km, whichever is earlier. It is also an energy-efficient vehicle certified and is fully compliant with Euro 3 emission standards.