One-stop emission test centre ready by next year

by AZALEA AZUAR / pic credit:

THE National Emission Test Centre (NETC), which includes real-time measurement of exhaust emission gases for passenger cars in accordance with United Nations (UN) Regulation 83 and 101, and up to Euro 6b and 6c levels, is expected to be fully ready next year.

NETC lab manager Zaid Md Isa said the centre is expected to conduct the evaporative emission test next year.

“Right now, we cannot conduct the evaporative emission test because the equipment and shared rooms are not available yet. We have already planned it for next year.

“Once the shared room is available, we would have a full-fledged emission testing centre in NETC,” Zaid said in a webinar on NETC’s current update yesterday.

Currently, NETC has the equipment to conduct tests for tailpipe emission, carbon monoxide idling emission, crankcase emission, durability emission, low temperature emission, on board diagnostic and real driving emission.

Joining the full-fledged NETC facility is the Malaysia Driving Cycle (MDC) project, which will also be completed by next year.

The project, which started in 2017, will end with application on an official test.

“After that, we’ll do the analysis and make a cycle into two types, in Peninsular and later East Malaysia. Then we’ll have the trial on the chassis dynamometer,” Zaid said.

Currently, the MDC is on proposal and public comments on the energy-efficient vehicle based on the Department of Standards Malaysia.

The data are collected according to the quantity of cars on the road, the level of service, whether the roads are located in the cities or rural areas and the number of lanes in a road.

NETC manager Naim Husni Latif said the MDC is important as it is tailored to Malaysians’ driving habits which may differ from other countries. The MDC structure is divided into low, medium and high speeds.

“The requirements of the MDC are according to UN Regulation No 83, which includes road load measurements, temperature and humidity,” Naim said.

NETC, which was established in 2018 in Sg Choh, Rawang with a RM50 million investment pumped in by Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd, is being managed by the Malaysian Automotive Institute.