Mondelez International staff to continue flexible working after MCO


MULTINATIONAL snack company Mondelez International Inc will allow its employees to work from home permanently, to balance professional and personal needs across its worldwide operations, including in Malaysia.

This will be conducted under the “Flexible Working Pledge” which aims to empower employees to operate in ways suitable and adaptable to the new norm.

Mondelez International MD for Malaysia James Kane said working from home has become increasingly important in today’s circumstances and is more than just a mere measure to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

“Prior to the pandemic, the Flexible Working Arrangement practice was in place, helping ease colleagues to cope with the current working arrangement, while the focus on colleagues’ wellbeing was evident through the Right You Club,” Kane said.

According to Kane, the Pledge will support its employees while ensuring the level of productivity continues.

A survey by professional auditing firm KPMG Malaysia recently revealed that 60% of Malaysians want to continue working from home, even after the Movement Control Order (MCO) comes to an end.

Kane said this revelation should fit in well with the company’s diverse workforce, especially where 35% are working mothers.

“The new practices are also extended to all employees at the company’s production plants in Shah Alam, Selangor, and Prai in Penang,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mondelez International Business Unit president for South-East Asia Glenn Caton said the brand wants to remain sensitive to the various needs of employees including family commitments.

“We aim to respect time and boundaries, and we would like to enable our people to take care of their wellbeing and to continuously check in on each other to sustain our teamwork,” he said.

The Pledge will embody a number of principles, including the trust in its people to work flexibly and productively, show empathy to foster a sense of belonging, as well as being mindful of making space and taking time.

“With the South-East Asia Flexible Working Pledge, employees are encouraged to plan meetings only between 9am and 6pm, not expect same-day responses after 6pm requests and take time back after exceptional late-evening requests or meetings, at the next possible opportunity,” Caton said.