Dr Mahathir says rule of law is being abused

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said laws are being abused, undermining good governance and prevents justice from being served.
He said any government and the people must subscribe to the rule of law in the world of democracy but now laws are being used to do things that are against democracy.
“We all believe that if we do this, we will enjoy good governance and the people would be protected through the application of laws. But now we are seeing laws being used to do things that cannot be considered as democratic or even just,” Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog Chedet.cc today.
For example, he said people can elect the government through elections but now what happens is the government of the people’s choice being replaced by a government of the people rejected by them. 
“The losers rule. The winners form the Opposition,” he said.
The Langkawi MP MP further said one would think it is wrong but the law says it is legal and therefore a part of the rule of law that must be accepted.
In Sabah, Dr Mahathir said state assemblymen who are supporters of the government suddenly left the government, which left the only explanation is that they had been bribed.
He said the government had to be dissolved, a new election held and the people rejected in the original election now form the government. 
In another example, he said the former chief minister who faced 42 charges of financial wrongdoings had all the charges withdrawn by the Attorney General (AG).
“Again, it is all legal. The AG has the right to withdraw charges. The rule of law is not breached,” he added.
With such a track record, Dr Mahathir said maybe later even a man convicted of stealing millions of government money will be pardoned and that too is done within the law.
“All are done according to the rule of law. We are going to see criminals enjoying a free life according to the law,” he said.