Public voices dissatisfaction over i-Sinar criteria 

by ASILA JALIL/ graphic by M ZUKRI

THE  Employees Provident Fund (EPF) criteria for the i-Sinar facility has caused a stir among the public who find it not much of an assistance needed amid the pandemic.

The public took their grouses to EPF’s Facebook page and questioned the criteria for Category 2 which only allow employed members who have experienced an overall income reduction of 30% and above to apply for i-Sinar. 

One user, identified as Eric Woo stated the government should have been more understanding instead of putting requirements for the public who want to tap on their pension fund. 

“Must there be terms and conditions for us to withdraw our own money? The government should not be like this,” he said. 

Another user, Siti Natassha Azhar said the criteria and details for the withdrawal is unfair as everyone was affected by the pandemic which put the nation into a lockdown in March. 

“It is unfair. Everyone was affected especially during the Movement Control Order. Although basic (salary) is still available, 90% of us had to use our own savings,” she said. 

The Malaysian Reserve had contacted EPF for comments on the matter but the statutory body is unable to provide any comments today.

Yesterday, the EPF announced that members with affected income during the pandemic can apply for i-Sinar beginning Dec 21.

The EPF also detailed the criteria under Category 1 and Category 2 for the fund members, depending on their needs.

For Category 1, those who are eligible include members who work in the formal sector, self-employed, gig worker, those who have not contributed for a long time, those who have lost their jobs, housewives or those who have been given unpaid leave notice.

For Category 2, it includes members who are still employed but have experienced an overall income reduction of 30% and above (including reduction in salaries and allowances, or deduction of overtime work claims) after March 2020, for which the reduction can only be identified through the documents provided.

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