Monsoon season brings freshwater fish boon


WHILE the monsoon season may be a disaster for many, freshwater fish lovers are enjoying the ‘windfall’ as the overflowing rivers bring along with them a bounty of fish.

It is a boon to net a good catch of various freshwater species such as catfish, ‘puyu’, ‘baung’, carp, eel and ‘haruan’.

Checks by Bernama at several paddy fields have found many people fishing using fishing rods and nets, with the catch sold to buyers or freshwater fish lovers waiting by the field.

Mohd Faizal Roshisyam Abdul Hamid, 42, from Kampung Chawas here, said he came with to the field every year to catch fish with his friends using trawl nets, and could usually get between 30 to 40 fishes per day.

“Depending on the type of fish, it is usually sold for between RM15-20 per kg,” he said.

For Syarikin Mat Napi, 36, who hails from the same village, catching freshwater fishes at the paddy fields or in the waterway during the monsoon season had become a norm for him over the past 10 years and was a hobby that could earn him an income of up to RM200 a day.

“The catfish, ‘lampam Jawa’ and ‘baung’ are sold for around RM15 per kg while puyu and haruan are sold for between RM10-12 per kg depending on the size,” he said, adding that fermented fishes would be sold RM10 per bottle.