Shopper spent RM70,000 in single receipt on 11.11

The transaction was made within the 1st eight hours of the shopping event

by LYDIA NATHAN / pic credit:

A MALAYSIAN shopper spent up to RM70,000 in a single receipt during the 11.11 sales on the Shopee platform.

Shopee regional MD Ian Ho said the transaction was made within the first eight hours of the shopping event.

“It was the largest-single transaction made by one user on the platform for that amount,” said Ho.

The annual 11.11 Mega Sale sees 20 million visits on the local e-commerce platform Shopee across the region.

According to Ho, Malaysians mostly spent on home and living, groceries and pets, as well as health and beauty categories on the website.

“We noticed detergent, hand sanitisers, disinfectant, smart robot vacuum cleaners, air fryers, cookware sets and pet food stayed on top of the purchased item list,” he added.

Ho further said shoppers took the opportunity to browse through the large variety of products and in-store discounts, cashback, and more by brands, retailers and sellers.

For brands category, Huawei recorded RM1 million in sales on its Matebook D 15 within the first 10 minutes of the sale.

“Then we had Samyang Hot Chicken noodles, selling 53,000 packets in the first eight hours of the sale,” Ho added.

Meanwhile, the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s news hub Alizila said Malaysia ranked fourth globally in terms of gross merchandise value, after the US, Russia and France.

A testament to the spending power of Malaysians, the news hub said the peak time was between 12am and 1am on Nov 11, 2020, where hundreds of thousands of shoppers were actively online making purchases.

ShopBack Malaysia said within the first-hour user data, there was a significant increase in terms of shopping traffic.

Country GM Eddy Han said it experienced a spike of 20 times compared to the same time on an average day this month.

“Sports brand Adidas’ traffic soared by more than 100% within the first hour and there was a 50% increase for products from Dettol in the first hour as well, due to the pandemic and need for extra hygiene,” Han said.

The data also revealed shoppers visited two platforms the most, Shopee and Tabao, followed by fashion stores such as ZALORA and Adidas, and health and beauty stores such as Watsons.

Han said the ShopBack platform partners with more 500 e-merchants in Malaysia, rewarding shoppers up to 30% in cashback when its platform is used.

“The list of e-merchants includes Alibaba’s group — Taobao, Tmall and AliExpress; Adidas, Agoda, Nike, Survey Wall, Shopee, Uniqlo, Watsons, ZALORA; and many more. To date, more than three million Malaysians are using ShopBack for their daily purchases.

“During 11.11 last year, more than RM20 million worth of merchant sales were generated through ShopBack Malaysia. With the promising results seen in the first hour of 11.11 this year, we are confident of breaking last year’s record,” Han said.