Dewan Rakyat passes motion on 9 special select committees

pic by BERNAMA

THE Dewan Rakyat has passed a motion to set up nine new special select committees as a check-and-balance mechanism towards ministries.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament & Law) Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan filed the motion under Standing Order 86(5) and the matter was presented at the Dewan Rakyat following five meetings held by the Dewan Rakyat’s board committee on Aug 6, 14, 24, Sept 10 and Oct 1 this year.

They are the Special Select Committee on Human Rights and Constitutional Affairs; Special Select Committee on Finance and Economy; Special Select Committee for Agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department; Special Select Committee on Safety; Special Select Committee on Agriculture and Domestic Trade; Special Select Committee on Infrastructure Development; Special Select Committee on Education; Special Select Committee on Health, Science and Innovation; and Special Select Committee on Women’s and Children’s Affair and Social Development.

Takiyuddin said the select committees must also include the reason for their establishment, consisting of seven members including the chairman and an appointment duration of two years or two terms.

“Reports or statements from an inquiry by any of the special select committee need to be tabled in the Dewan.

“Statements that have been tabled can be debated, accepted or agreed on under Standing Order 86(5),” he said.

Takiyuddin added that the board committee had also agreed to continue the establishment of All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia (APPGM) in compliance with the set rules and guidelines.

During the debate for the motion, Khoo Pay Tiong (Pakatan Haparan [PH]-Kota Melaka) questioned why the new select committees did not include one for elections.

Hannah Yeoh (PH-Segambut) and Ngeh Koo Ham (PH-Beruas) proposed for the composition in the select committees to reflect the composition in the Dewan Rakyat.

Yeoh said among the seven members in a select committee, five of them will be from the government.

She had proposed for four of the members to be from the government, while the remaining three from the Opposition.

Responding to the matter questioned by Yeoh and Ngeh, Takiyuddin said the composition for the select committees will be decided and the Opposition will chair certain committees, but the matter is yet to be decided.

“I do not have the jurisdiction to make any changes. I would like to file the motion and proposals from all of you can be presented to the Dewan Rakyat speaker, which will then be considered by the Dewan Rakyat’s committee,” he said.