Cuepacs wants Covid-19 bonus to be extended beyond doctors


THE rewards allocated for medical officers in dealing with Covid-19 cases should be extended to more doctors and other non-medical frontliners, Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) said.

Cuepacs president Adnan Mat (picture) said the allocation, which was announced in Budget 2021, does not cover the entire Health Ministry’s (MoH) staff and other government agencies, such as the police, army, and Fire and Rescue Department.

“Cuepacs would like to express our gratitude for the RM500 one-off payment from the government to MoH’s frontliners. It is a recognition for their hard work.

“However, we believe the allocation should be extended beyond the 100,000 doctors mentioned in the budget and other government agencies which are also recognised as frontliners,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Adnan said Cuepacs is proposing for RM300 to be given to the non-medical frontliners as a recognition to their service in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

“The frontliners have a huge responsibility in keeping the cases low, particularly those who are in the support services, security and regulation enforcement.

“They have been risking their lives for more than seven months since the pandemic started and some of them were infected with the virus. They were even being put back to work after recoveries,” he said.

In Budget 2021 released last Friday, the government announced that 100,000 medical officers, who are involved in Covid-19 cases, will be receiving RM500 as a one-off payment.

Adnan further said efforts to curb the coronavirus are getting more difficult when businesses are also expected to resume amid the virus resurgence.

“It will be more difficult for frontliners to do their job as there is no full restriction in place. The government is forced to find the balance between saving the economy intact and keeping the cases down,” he said.

In addition, Adnan said personal protective equipment supplies and hand sanitisers should also be efficiently distributed to the medical facilities nationwide.

“We have been receiving complaints from the frontliners that they have to finance their own supplies due to the inadequate stocks at their facilities,” he said.

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