Parliament to end early until tomorrow

A motion has also been filed to bring forward the special chambers sitting from 11.30am until 1pm or until matters end


THE motion for the Dewan Rakyat sitting to end at 1pm until tomorrow (Nov 5) was passed yesterday following confirmed Covid-19 cases involving a media personnel and a special aide to a Dewan Negara senator.

Law Minister Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan also filed a motion to bring forward the special chambers sitting from 11.30am until 1pm or until matters in the special chambers end.

Following the announcement, Datuk Mahfuz Omar (Pokok Sena-PH) asked for clarification regarding news reports that an auxiliary police in the Parliament tested positive for Covid-19.

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun, however, denied the report and clarified that the auxiliary police is not on duty in the Parliament building, instead is under the Prime Minister’s Department although the individual was posted elsewhere and was not on duty in the office.

He also clarified that another individual who tested positive for the virus was not a Dewan Negara staff, but is a special officer to a Dewan Negara senator.

“They did the testing and she was found positive. But they did not come to the Parliament building and wander around the premises everyday,” he said when responding to a question from Dr Maszlee Malik (Simpang Renggam-Independent) who wanted clarification on the matter as he shares the same office as the senator.

Meanwhile, Datuk Dr Xavier Jayakumar (Kuala Langat-PH) raised his concerns and said there should be clarification from the Parliament on the matter as some facts are unclear.

He said the issue is vital because it involves the safety of MPs who need to be at the building for the session.

“I have discussed the matter with the Parliament’s administrator earlier this morning and we will issue a statement on it,” Azhar Azizan said yesterday.

The Parliament’s chief administrator had issued a statement yesterday stating that a media personnel and a special officer to a Dewan Negara’s senator tested positive for Covid-19.

A test was conducted on Oct 28 and Oct 30 by the Ministry of Health (MoH) on officers and staff including auxiliary police on duty at the Parliament. They all tested negative for the virus except for two individuals.

“However, the tests, which included members of the media, showed that one positive case was detected among media personnel and another is a Dewan Negara senator’s special officer.

“MoH had taken immediate action following the results,” said the statement.

On Sunday, Senator Ras Adiba Radzi confirmed that her special officer, who is also her sister, tested positive for Covid-19. She is currently receiving treatment at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Due to the cases, MoH had also advised for the Parliament meetings to be shortened as the premise has been identified as a high risk area.