Nearly 1,000 unauthorised factories near rivers in Selangor

The authorities will take stern actions to unauthorised factories that are still running their businesses next year


LOCAL authorities in Selangor have identified a total of 5,589 unauthorised factories operating in nine districts in the state.

Public Transport and Selangor New Village Development executive councillor Ng Sze Han (picture) said of the total, 869 factories are located near the river which is also the main source of water in the state.

He said the highest number is recorded by the Shah Alam City Council (546), followed by 155 in Kajang Municipal Council, Selayang Municipal Council (75) and Kuala Langat Municipal Council (27).

A total of 23 unauthorised factories were reported by Subang Jaya City Council, while Klang Municipal Council recorded 20.

Other districts are Kuala Selangor District Council (14), Hulu Selangor District Council (7) and Sepang Municipal Council (2).

“Most of the factories are located downstream or behind the plant inlet,” Ng told the Selangor State Assembly yesterday.

Ng was responding to a query by Adhif Syan Abdullah (Bersatu-Dengkil) on the proactive action taken by the state government in eradicating illegal factories.

Ng said there is confusion over the status of such a factory — which is always considered as an illegal outlet.

He said “unauthorised factories”, as explained, are factories with a temporary business licence.

“Factory without permission is not a factory carrying out illegal activities, but a factory that has a temporary business licence and has not met the technical requirements such as land status, zoning or planning permission.

“In contrast, illegal factories are facilities that do not have temporary business licences and run enterprises that could cause disturbance, pollution and harm to humans and the environment.

“The state government is of the view that this unauthorised factory without permission should be given a chance to be legalised,” he said.

Ng said that in October last year, the state had decided to come out with a programme to legalise unauthorised factories in the state. He said the government had also earlier set the deadline for this programme to end by September this year.

However, due to the Movement Control Order, the state has decided to extend this to the end of the year.

Ng said this will be the final legalisation programme by the state for the unauthorised factories.

The authorities will take stern actions to unauthorised factories that are still running their businesses next year.

Previously, Ng said unlicensed factories that posed a high risk of causing pollution, due to the nature of their business, must be moved.

The effort is pertinent following the series of river pollution this year, which had caused water treatment plants (WTPs) in Selangor to cease operations, affecting water supply to millions of households in the state.

Ng said two-thirds of the total 869 factories are located downstream, after the WTP locations.

Prior to this, the Department of Environment said the authorities were not able to audit any unregistered and unlicensed factories, making the tracing of pollution tricky.