Police conduct boat handling exercise in preparation for floods


THE police yesterday conducted a boat handling exercise to improve the force’s efficiency as part of preparations to face the monsoon season.

Gua Musang district police chief Supt Mohd Taufik Maidin said a total of 24 police personnel took part in the exercise which was held at Sungai Galas, Bertam, near Gua Musang, Kelantan.

“Sungai Galas was chosen as the location for the exercise due to its strong currents and challenging predicament that could test their mental strength and boat handling skills.

“We conduct our training at this location every year and the participants are taught by experienced coaches,” he told reporters, adding that the exercise was also participated by six Civil Defence Force personnel.

He said such exercise was important as they would be responsible for the safety of flood evacuees when passing through strong river currents especially in Sungai Galas, Sungai Nenggiri and Sungai Lebir.

Meanwhile, Mohd Taufik said relevant agencies including the Social Welfare Department have also made early preparation to facilitate the distribution of food supplies at temporary relief centres.

He also advised all residents living in flood-prone areas to make early preparations and not to wait until the last minute to move to evacuation centres to avoid any unwanted incident.