HSBC launches Mobile Secure Key for inclusive, seamless banking experience

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

HSBC Malaysia has introduced Mobile Secure Key that allows customers to generate security codes for them to log on to online and mobile banking via its Mobile Banking app.

Country head of wealth and personal banking Tara Latini said Mobile Secure Key replaces the physical security device to provide customers with greater convenience and better banking security as it provides a higher level of multi-factor authentication via the mobile phone built-in security.

“In addition, a unique feature of Mobile Secure Key is that it is compatible with the Vision Accessibility feature on mobile devices, thus enabling visually impaired customers to enjoy the full access of all digital banking services,” she said in a statement, today.

Latini said the customers just need their mobile phone with the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app downloaded and HSBC online banking will automatically detect whether a customer is using a physical Security Device or Mobile Secure Key, and will display relevant instructions and troubleshooting advice as appropriate.

She added that this new feature combines security with convenience, the bank’s customers just need a six-digit PIN to generate the code for their banking needs.

“Alternatively, they may take advantage of biometric authentication such as fingerprint or facial recognition to access Mobile Secure Key with a compatible device that has Touch/ Fingerprint ID /Face ID capability,” she said.

Besides, Latini said the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app is also enhanced with notable new features.

“Real Time Transaction now allows customers to view their credit card transactions updated in real time on the application, which makes it more convenient to manage their accounts.

“With the new Account Details 2.0, HSBC Malaysia customers will have access to a fully cohesive, user friendly and intuitive mobile banking journey,” she said, adding that Mobile Secure Key, Real Time Transaction and Account Details 2.0 are available on the HSBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.