Cultivating a strong sense of CSR

How a company support the communities will determine how well-placed it is to outdo, outsmart the competition in the future

by STEVEN CHIN / pic credit:

2020 has been a year filled with ups and downs for many organisations. While no one can predict with confidence what the future will hold, it is critical for companies to be sensitive to the changing needs of consumers.

Companies should not lose sight of their purpose and responsibility (corporate social responsibility/ CSR) as a corporate citizen and continue to chart a sustainable path for growth on the road ahead.

According to the Deloitte 2019 Consumer Pulsing Survey, consumers are increasingly looking to businesses to enact positive changes in the communities they live in and contribute to the greater good of society.

How a company treats its people, how it regards the environment and how it supports the communities in which it operates in will determine how well-placed it is to outdo, outlast and outsmart the competition in the future.

Giving Back

As a nutrition company, we envision a world where every child has equal access to good nutrition. This led us to set up the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) in 1994 as a global non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world through the provision of good nutrition and nutrition education.

Through HNF, we have been working with four partner organisations under the Casa Herbalife Nutrition Programme in Malaysia — namely the Good Samaritan Home in Klang, Selangor; Amitabha Charity Orphanage in Johor Baru, Johor; Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Yatim/Miskin Rukaiyah in Kajang, Selangor; and Yayasan Chow Kit in Kuala Lumpur — to care for the nutritional needs of close to 200 children and 50 urban poor families with children, by providing cash grants and nutrition education.

In 2019, we also kick-started the 12-week Casa STAR Programme to help more than 70 children from three Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner facilities adopt healthy eating habits and active lifestyles.

Cultivating Sense of Purpose

We encourage employees across all levels to participate in volunteer and service activities in their local communities. They should take advantage of our compensated volunteering leave programme, and to participate in initiatives such as the Herbalife Nutrition Global Month of Purpose, where we create opportunities for our staff to make a positive impact in underserved communities.

Through these efforts, we were heartened to see more than 1,800 of our employees participating in the 2019 Global Month of Purpose, clocking over 11,150 employee volunteer hours.

Caring for the Environment

According to “The Global Risks Report 2020” by the World Economic Forum, severe threats to our climate account for the top five long-term risks identified by global experts and decisionmakers. With the call for environmental sustainability by corporates becoming more deafening by the day, it pays for businesses to start taking action now, rather than later.

At Herbalife Nutrition, we take steps to ensure the use of sustainable food sources in our product development processes. Many of our products use soy as their main source of protein, which is more affordable, sustainable and produces more protein per acre, while using significantly fewer environmental resources compared to other forms of protein.

To minimise waste, we also rolled out company-wide efforts to eliminate all single-use plastics at our local events and product pick-up points, and reduce energy and paper usage across our business operations in Malaysia.

While each individual action may seem small and rather insignificant on its own, we believe that every action taken is a step made in the right direction.

Even more so, having the right mindset as a responsible corporate citizen will be crucial for businesses to navigate the road to sustainable long-term growth in the future.

Steven Chin is the GM and director of Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia. The views expressed are of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stand of the newspaper’s owners and editorial board.