Manulife Investment goes online for fund offerings

Manulife iFUNDS has been designed as easy-to-use and human-centred to allow both new and existing clients to manage their portfolios


MANULIFE Investment Management (M) Bhd digitised its fund offerings through the launch of Manulife iFUNDS, an online investment platform for investors to select, manage and track their unit funds on-the-go.

Manulife Investment CEO Jason Chong said the company has been investing heavily globally to serve clients in the digital age.

“Manulife iFUNDS is the result of our team’s year-long efforts in enhancing customer experience through digital and providing our customers with easily accessible market and fund information for more educated investment decisions,” he said regarding the launch.

The platform has been designed as easy-to-use and human-centred in terms of interface to allow both new and existing clients to manage their portfolios.

Manulife Investment retail wealth distribution head Ng Chze How (picture) said the Covid-19 pandemic brought to light the need for easy-to-use digital applications that can mitigate the disruptions on face-to-face interactions.

“At the heart of all this, there is still a human element to it. Some investors still want to talk to an advisor when making investment decisions or switching funds, and we have seen strong interest from our advisors in using Manulife iFUNDS to better serve their clients’ investment needs.

“Given ongoing limitations on in-person meetings due to Covid-19, the timely launch of this new digital tool can help safeguard our advisors’ and clients’ health, as well as their financial future,” he said.

Chong said due to the complexity and wide range of choices when it comes to investment, he would personally choose to have the option of a human touch.

“Though we may need digital integration nowadays, there are still so many options to choose from when it comes to fund offerings, so I would like to have someone to talk to and advise me in terms of realistic investment goals and then we can further discuss that.

“This, I think, is a very important feature moving forward with digital integration,” he said.

The platform allows users to calculate the amount required for retirement, guiding investors to make the most suitable investment decisions.

Among the inputs iFUNDS require are the estimated years till retirement and monthly income the investor would like to have when the time comes to retire.

The platform was first mentioned for rolling out in August 2020, when the recognition for digital integration became widespread for all industries, especially in the wealth and asset management sector.