Four assemblymen withdraw application for injunction against Penang govt

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

THE High Court today heard the applications of four state assemblyman to withdraw their applications for an injunction to prevent the state government from tabling a motion to declare their seats as vacant.

The four are Khaliq Mehtab Mohd Ishaq (Bertam), Zolkifli Md Lazim (Teluk Bahang), Zulkifli Ibrahim (Sungai Acheh) and Dr Afif Bahardin (Seberang Jaya).

Counsel Rosli Dahlan, representing all of them, told the court that they were withdrawing their applications for the injunction after the state government agreed not to table the motion in the upcoming State Assembly sitting and to give a 14-day notice if it intends to table it in the future.

Meanwhile, state legal adviser Datuk Norazmi Narawi told the court that the state government had agreed to postpone the motion as it could lead to four by-elections.

“We also agreed to give sufficient notice of 14 days if the state government intends to table a similar motion in future,” he said before Judicial Commissioner Datuk Amarjeet Singh here today.

Nov 26 was set for case management.