You are, regrettably, too kind!

Of all the parties, Ebit Lew might just be the easiest target, perhaps, because he is not affiliated to anyone ‘big’

pic credit: Ebit Lew Facebook

NO MATTER how you try to look at it, you’d still find it odd — that one had to apologise for doing something noble and good.

Now, this was not the first time that Ebit Lew (picture; left) had to express his regret for being kind.

Earlier in the year, Ebit Lew was “chastised” by quite a number of “Islamic scholars” for helping the poor and the needy which had also indirectly highlighted other social issues that got quite a bit of attention.

The scholars even took the trouble to discuss and explain Ebit Lew’s oversights in his endeavours from their “religious understanding and point of view”.

Yes, Ebit Lew ended up apologising for his “ignorance and stupidity”.

During the earlier days of the Movement Control Order, Ebit Lew was criticised again for trying to assist the frontliners and those in need by donating personal protective equipment and other essentials. He apologised again.

Last week, Ebit Lew was back in the limelight after announcing his plan to provide 20 buses to transport stranded students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) back to their hometowns.

He was reprimanded by the university’s management for not going through the proper channels before carrying out his plan.

Ebit Lew was also told by the university’s student representative council that he had to get permission from the management, which in turn would need permission from the National Security Council and the Higher Education Ministry.

Of course, no one would wish for anything bad to happen to the students, especially in matters related to Covid-19.

And yes, the safety of students throughout the journey to their respective destinations is also of great importance.

However, with such a tedious process before any journey could be approved, the stranded souls would just be loitering around for nothing, while waiting for any concrete decision by the authorities.

You guessed it. Ebit Lew was also told to apologise, and he did.

It really did not make sense. There were others like Ebit Lew who were kind and generous enough to come forward to help the students who were stranded as a result of a last-minute decision by the government to postpone registrations for the October academic session due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.

To begin with, the desperate students had nowhere to stay, or the means to go back home.

Along with Ebit Lew, several others also initiated fundraising efforts to pay for food, transport and accommodation.

In fact, the students’ plight also caught the attention of other politicians, including Dr Maszlee Malik and Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

Now, if a bus could fit 40 students, Ebit Lew alone could have “rescued” some 800 students from wandering aimlessly in Tanjung Malim, so to speak, while the authorities were scrambling to figure out the next course of action.

Of course, many would also argue if all the standard operating procedures would be adhered to in the “evacuation process”, but the fact remains — the students had nowhere to go after they were told that registration was postponed.

The Selangor state government also offered transport for Selangor residents to return home from campuses outside the state.

The Mentri Besar’s Office said the Selangor Young Assembly-members’ Caucus, Team Selangor and the Peninsular Malay Students Union, or GPMS, would arrange for bus transport.

Of all the parties, Ebit Lew might just be the easiest target. Perhaps, because he is not affiliated to any political party or anyone “big”.

Some even joked that Ebit Lew would not have been in such a situation if he decided to include politicians and the university’s top guns in all the photos and videos that he’d place on his social media platforms.

Maybe, he should. In the next project, perhaps. Just saying…

Zainal Alam Kadir is the executive editor at The Malaysian Reserve.