Frustrated Kota Belud residents urge govt to resolve flood problem


KOTA BELUD – Residents of several villages here want the government to do something about the flash floods that often occur in their areas.

According to them, the floods that hit their village areas were not a new thing but had been recurring for a long time and several times a year.

Not only do the floods cause thousands of ringgit in losses due to damaged homes and belongings but also posed safety threats in the form of venomous animals entering their homes.

A resident of Kampung Paka-Paka, Mohd Amizan Hamdan, 46, said flash floods had been frequent in the village since he and his family moved there.

“Each time there is a flood, electrical items such as refrigerators, fans and televisions as well as many other items including mattresses are damaged. Even the refrigerator I bought last year has not been fully paid for.

“As long as this issue is not resolved, I don’t feel like buying anything anymore. I urge the government to look into the problem of narrow and clogged ditches, believed to be one of the reasons why our village is quickly flooded when there’s heavy rain,” he told Bernama when met at his house, here, today.

“There is nothing we can do as this flood problem is never solved. Each time it rains heavily, our village will be flooded. We hope the government can find a way to prevent floods, such as deepening the river near our village,” said Suriah Abdullah, 38, from Kampung Siasai Tamu.

Although frustrated by the problem, Rozita Maimim, 35, from Kampug Sumbirai was still grateful for the immediate evacuation as well as assistance and shelter provided to them while waiting for the floods to recede.

“Although my house was not affected by the floods I would be stranded because the road to my village was inundated where no vehicle could pass through and the floods took a while to recede.

“I went to Kota Belud Hospital yesterday and had to put up at the relief centre, Dewan Tun Said due to the flood.

“Like other victims I really hope the state government and the relevant departments can find a solution to this problem because we are tired of braving the floods,” she said.

A total of 16 villages in Kota Belud have been affected by flash floods due to heavy rain since last Sunday.